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Angelic Romance ashen white bronze blonde 7/8


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Angelic Romance ashen white bronze blonde 7/8
 designed by Grace for Jpopdolls

Back by customer demand, Angelic Romance is based on early Jpop mohair designs.  Full, super soft curls.  Curly wigs can frizz, but with jpop wigs, just wet with cold water or spray with cold water, use a wig brush to brush out and hand dry. Curls will be beautiful and perfect again.

The color of the wigs will vary due to lighting differences. Our wigs act like natural human hair, they reflect light and so will look lighter, darker, more red or gold, depending on the light.  They will look lighter in bright sun light, darker in room lighting and so on.

Fits Kaye Wiggs MSD, Linda Macario smaller dolls like Mimi, Lillycat SD dolls, TracyP msd size dolls, Cristy Stone msd and sd, and other dolls with 7 inch to 9 inch heads.

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