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Berdine Creedy

Berdine Creedy

Berdine's presentation.

" I am originally from South Africa. I grew up on a wheat farm, Moorreesburg, the Cape Town area. I was a school teacher for over 10 years and there is where I developed my love for children. Having 4 of my own and not teaching any more, I thought of starting to create them in clay.

In 1993 I went to Nurnberg, Germany, for the International Toy Fair where I met world renowned artists. That was so impressive for me seeing and admiring their dolls that I decided there and then that if I start doing dolls right now, I CAN BE THERE IN 15 YEARS. That came much quicker than I thought.

In 1996 we won the green card Lottery and my whole family of 4 children moved to America. We settled in Gainesville FL. We all worked very hard to survive, because this is a very big country in comparison with South Africa. Every year just went better and better. With the help of very wonderful dealers and collectors, that become my very best friends through the years, I learned so much. They all loved the little Creedy dolls and every year  winning numeral awards, just makes it so much easier.

In 2008 I started doing Resin BJD’s. This changed my life forever. The amazing pose-ability they have with their 15-17 articulated places in their body makes them come alive. I love working with the resin, it is a very rich and quality media to work with.

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