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Please read carefully and before making an order!

Your Paypal account information needs to reflect your JpopDolls information. We ship from Paypal, and We ship to the SHIPPING ADDRESS ON FILE from Paypal, not from what is entered in JpopDolls! This is to cooperate with Paypal's Buyer and Seller protection.
If you need your package to go to a different shipping address, please input that address in your Paypal before making an order.
IF YOU HAVE MOVED after you have made any pre-orders with us, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reflect this in your order. Please contact us with your full name, and new address in the MESSAGE of the email.
Paypal DOES NOT update transactions, so please contact us to let us know of any address changes... Even if you update your Paypal or your JpopDolls account, your new information is NOT reflected on your orders until you contact us. Thank you for your understanding.


Please understand that if you place two or more PREORDER DOLLS in the SAME order, all dolls in that order will be held until they are available for shipping. All dolls are shipped at once to save you shipping costs.
IF A DOLL IS DELAYED in your order, this WILL AFFECT when your order is shipped. If you would like your dolls shipped to you as they come, PLEASE make a SEPARATE ORDER for each item.


Due to the volume of customers pre-ordering dolls, we cannot store instock items while waiting for pre-orders to arrive.
Some customers are unaccustomed to the production methods of BJD. Production does not start until AFTER the pre-order is closed so waiting time starts from the time the pre-order ENDS.
Please don't order if you can't wait the substantial time it takes to make the doll! The faceup on the final production doll may vary slightly from preorder photos. Each doll is hand painted at the factory by faceup artists, and there will be slight variations to the faceup or body blushing in the final production of the product. Please keep this in mind when ordering, thank you.

Other important information regarding doll preorders

Photos of dolls in preorders are FACTORY SAMPLE. Please understand that the faceup on the final production doll may vary slightly from preorder photos. Each doll is hand painted at the factory by faceup artists, and there will be slight variations to the faceup or body blushing in the final production of the product. Please keep this in mind when ordering, thank you!

Important International Shipping Information

For ANY doll order or preorder, please DO NOT choose Priority Mail flat rate envelope. Dolls of ANY size can only be mailed Priority Mail International (package) or Priority Express Mail (EMS).
Because of the shipping discounts our store receives, all orders containing dolls for our international customers will be shipped PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL. We offer this free upgrade to our customers. If you would still like your package shipped by PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL, please state so in your order notes. Please note that all packages going to FRANCE will be sent Priority Mail International.

International Customers PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO DECLARE ITEMS AS GIFT! It is illegal!

International Customers Please note for shipping: The flat rate envelope was designed for documents and so can only fit a limited amount of wigs.
For flat rate shipping--
5 size 8/9 wigs
7 size 7/8 wigs
8 size 6/7 wigs and smaller or 1 MSD
SD sized outfit.

Return Policy

Return Policy on Wigs: JpopDolls.net ™ accepts returns if items are damaged or defective. Items that are unopened and unused may be returned within 7 days. Thank you.
Attention Russian Customers: Due to new customers regulations regarding documentation in Moscow, your packages may be very delayed. Please know we are doing everything we can to help in this situation. If you encounter any other problems and need further assistance, please contact our webmaster with the Contact Us form, it can be found on the left hand side menu of the website. Our contact hours are 10:00 AM to 7 PM PST Monday through Friday. Emails sent on weekends will be answered no later then the following Monday. We do try to check emails before and after hours as well, but please understand we receive many inquires and we will do our best to answer back as soon as possible. Thank you!

Trouble accessing the Cart?

Please try these suggestions

1-Trouble accessing your account? Please ensure you are registered with this cart. This is the second cart on the Jpopdolls ™ site, some customer information did not get transferred across. Try to register and the cart will tell you if your information is already there.

2- Trouble using a coupon? Make sure you are LOGGED in to your JpopDolls ™ account before applying a coupon. They will not work unless you are logged in. Please ensure you are using lower case as the coupon is case sensitive. So coupon is correct but Coupon or COUPON is not. Please check end date for coupon, the coupon will not be valid after expiry. Please check that you are using coupon for products it was created for and not just any product in the cart.

3- Trouble logging in? Please remember the cart is case sensitive and ensure your user name and password are typed exactly how you typed in during the registration process. If you cannot get your password recovery to work please contact us to provide a new password.

4- Security issues--It has been brought to our notice that some security software can view a shopping cart as a security risk and prevent access. If you suspect this please turn it off for the duration of your purchase.

If you continue to have issues with the cart please contact website support using the Contact Us form found on the website.

Thank you for shopping at Jpopdolls ™